Happiness Pursuit

We are all in bed together.

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Knowing what we know, and aggravated as we can be over so many things, to be happy, it seems, that one has to decide to be positive and to stay the course.

It is not about blindness to horrible horrors, stupid stupidity, nasty nastiness of our unkind kind.

Happiness is about the egoist ego of our self when it is ruled by ego.

Happiness’ is a about perspective.

None of us are good. All of us are bad.  Sometimes we are the one sometimes we are the other.

I’ve always felt that, besides the argument about the existence of such places, if all the bad ones had to go to hell, we would all have to go.

If all the good ones had to go to heaven, it is the same ones that would have to be moved.

Fascism was not destroyed fascism in 1945. It was absorbed.

It reappears oddly and terrifyingly in unexpected places.

There is no need to wrap ourselves into the sheets of ethics and morals.

National flags are not any cleaner

I mean I am an exact reflection of this world, beauty and ugliness, happy and the sad.

We are an exact reflection of what we do.

We are all in bed together.

In truth, behind the levels of individuality, there is no you or me.

Our individuality walks on the ground of our species.

Our species swims in Life. Life is one organism on one earth.

As we are alive we are packed into a life form.

All forms are faced with the same questions and need for survival until the relief of death.

Life goes on without us.
Now that we know, what do we do about it is the question.
One may whistle a tune, bake a cake, give a kiss and a smile, use a loving voice, stay silent in worship.

Happiness won’t fall one’s lap. One has to want to be happy to feel happy.

I have an old gimmick sending a similar message.

I do it as if I were on stage mimicking someone like Jimmy Hendrix playing guitar: 

If you want to be happy!

You've got to want to!

One! Two!

One! Two!