The Business of Peace

Peace is a personal issue.

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-What do I want?

-The business of peace for all; I want that we learn to use non-violent ways to solve problems.  

Peace is a personal issue.  Change comes from within.  A change in me changes the way I see the world and it changes what I do in the world.

I learn to find peace with silent worship as Friends do.  I also learn peace with the practice of telling my ego not to get in the way.  It isn't easy. I was brought up Machiavellian.  I was for the Empire through the sword. I had never heard the words conflict and resolution together before 1987.  I was for forcing a peace I liked. I was free and almost retired when I came to the USA in 1987.  I met Native American people.  It made me understand the value of all-inclusive cosmogony.  Nobody and nothing is out, everything and everybody is in.  We need to bring space for people to change their mind about things.  There is such a thing as transformation.  It is a powerful thing. It is the tool of evolution.  Some people like at call it the power of transformation.  It follows quote by St Paul, Roman 2:  "not be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds".

Peace is a social, even a civilization issue.   When I met Native American people it made me understand the value of environmental business.  Peace like sound environmental management is regulatory driven. Without laws and enforcement there is no market.  The tools of enforcement do not need to be violent.  It is a small world now.  It is hard to hide, especially with money. We learn to use peaceful means already with arbitrage and conflict resolution skills growing. 

Peace management will shift huge portions of public money towards new sectors, which will develop business and economy in a way unheard of before.  I am talking about un-ending ever-renewing growth with indexes climbing and dividends pouring in massively. I want the business of peace.