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58 years ago today ended the second war for the world

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The rule of violence was to have been cast away for good and pacifist constitutions were imposed on Germany and Japan.  However it is a documented fact that the victors hired many of those who served the goals of the defeated regime.  Scientists, intelligence, police and crowd-control officers were used for their skills. One can reasonably say that we did not really kill the beast but that we have absorbed it.  A redemption process was then seen useful.
There is value in elevating one's enemies rather than putting them down.  Transforming and redeeming powers are too often forgotten in our sorry time of push for war on human society and nature.  In spite of speeches, actions show that Life is not valued much at all.  We can see it trampled everyday. 

It has been several thousands of years now that those who have realized more than the appearance of things know that there is no way around the fact that God is Life itself and that one cannot claim to worship God without caring for Life.  

My understanding is that some time sooner than later, but not before much destruction will have been taking place, will anti-terrorism become anti-violence. Then only will Life be measured for its true value and people as well as resources will be accounted as true capital and valuable equity.

Until then we will see more posturing arguing for legitimate violence wrapped in a flag or under the name of God.