Life (the capital) + work = Equity or Loss

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Here is what we say since 1999 :


Life is capital .......economic indexes do not reflect enough reality to allow for sound decision making.
Finally, fortunately, some people close to power and in power in Europe, such as France President Nicolas Sarkozy, have understood this.
See the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi 2009 09 14 Report

This is the new equation economists are trying to work with. The difference is huge. Now everything has a value, instead of nothing, except what humans like to count.
Life is the capital used to do things.

Life (the capital) + work = Equity or Loss 
Therefore appreciation or depreciation are factored in the ecomic equation!

That is truly news worthy for a long while because we, the human people, will have to demand these indexes be used everywhere!


Before this new understanding a smarter economic equation was : land + work = capital

But this notion brought about by Henry George with his 1975 book, Progress and Poverty,

See Henry George School of economics.


That was progress, and still, is compared to what is being uttered and taught all around the globe, w3hich completely eliminates the natural factor, and proudly claims all value to comme from man and, no losses due to man’s action.  

If this equation were true there would not be any economic problems, but unfortunately, as anyone can see in their own life, absurdity, and huge egos, come is the way of reason.

Well, enough ranting now, progress is on the way, not a moment too soon, considering the sad reality of Life on Earth. 

Together we change the world for the better, individually, even in large groups but not together, we will not survive because we need everyone’s cooperation to succeed.


This is why our attempt here is to show, make understood and act up on the fact that Pollution and Poverty have to be understood as the same problem to be solved together at the same time.


Peace makes more money longer……
…..97% of capital needs peace and stability for its return...
....violence and war destroys capital and equity…
..only 3% of the invested capital needs war for its business.


Violence is expensive…………….cost of violence and violent management


Poverty breeds recession and violence………….violence erupts when issues are not addressed for a long time
Poverty is waste of energy……………………poor people are functioning below their productivity level
Poverty is an economic disease………………poverty weighs on economy
Spirituality is material and matter is spiritual……… both work together or not at all.

The equation has changed but we have not.  Things which were considered limitless are now clearly limited, however large the supply.  In general terms things like clean water, fresh air, natural and human resources cannot be deemed worthless, equal to zero any more on the assumption that there is an unlimited supply.  Actually we have learned that all these things that were thought not having any value are coming back at us with a price. Machiavelli is only correct if the value of what is sacrificed is not considered.

It is therefore important to engage in a discussion about economy showing that Peace is the moneymaker. The whole matter is that We have to help ourselves & our institutions, especially our governments which are supposed enforce our desire for law and order to abandon violent methods of solving problems.

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