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What is the best way to reach those who benefit the most from the economy of peace?

Germany and Japan: both Japan and Germany have had pacifists constitutions imposed on them after WWII .

German and Japan are our best allies because, in our modern time, both have first experienced the economy of peace through the absence or sharp diminution of military spending after 1945. 

Against their will, they have therefore been the first countries to live the benefits of the economy of peace.

They became the example of the “miracles” of market economy and reconstruction after the war. Their exports were rising dramatically as were their inner consumption.  Then, as the risk of war...

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The Economy of War The economy of war is a danger for long term investments.Economy of war is developing like a parasite, worse, like a cancer, deadly transforming the cells of the global vital body. This disease draining world resources is not incurable. It is also not a fatality.    When we come up on the matter of the economy of peace it is easy to dismiss the subject quickly saying; "we know". It would be interesting to know how has developed this kind of concept in the past and who is championing economy of peace today. Who are the main players?  History shows that nationalisms have...


Superdog.Org This, the creation of the Superdog.Org, begins in 1999 with a personal quest due to my own realizations growth and awareness .  Both my studies in business administration, economy and finance, and my professional years of international business experience have brought me to question economy and finances as it was conceived and, as it had been and still is taught.  It seemed to me then, and the notion still seems valid to me today, that economy and finances should encompass more than what they do. And that economic indexes and balance sheets should reflect more of the...


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