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Peace is the only way to lasting happiness and continued economic growth.

Poverty and Pollution are Costly Capital Losses

Our current wars, economic crisis, poverty and pollution are linked. Instead of being spent on human development investments, public funds have been spent on violent methods to solve problems. Instead of sound environmental practices, we allow life to be diminished.  War, poverty, pollution and destruction of natural resource are the same wrong to Life.

The crucial choice before us is the method we choose to solve our problems. It is between peace and war, violence and non-violence, intelligence and brute force, not between left and right, republican and democrats, capitalist and socialist,...

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The Economy of Peace:

The Economy of Peace Humanity has been longing for peace for a very long time. The quest for peace seems to have been a constant quest.  War however always took over. The main reason has been that enemies came from outside.   Now that the globe has been entirely settled danger can only come from within.  That fact makes this civilization crossroad unique.  It allows for higher levels of awareness to become management principles instead of remaining prophetic visions.  Again, we are confronted to the same sort of facts.  We have the opportunity to change the way we address them.  We have...