The lesson of Copenhagen 2010 is that we must cooperate...!

The lesson of Copenhagen 2010 is that we must cooperate.


The only choice is between global immediate cooperation or total war and annihilation.

In spite and because of the inevitable obstacles to cooperation, whatever may seem to prevent us to cooperate must be overcome without violence.


The consequence of the absolute necessity for universal cooperation is the need to provide a global social contract between Life and Man where war and violence as a way to gain advantage or resolve conflict is definitely abandoned and condemned.


Populations will only elicit cooperation in exchange of a Living Contract, a contract of the living on planet earth, a social contract between Life and Man, where people, in exchange for good care of Life on earth and natural  resource are provided by birth the right to receive basic nutrition, health care, education, basic lodging and basic human rights enforced by all nations around the world each in their territory, but voted together by the assembly of the United Nations and reflecting the will of the people through democratic votations.


This contract is what sets favorable conditions for sustained long term economic growth, equity building and capital conservation.  Investors will find in it sources for strong remuneration.  The alternative will destroy any economic growth.  There is not another choice. No, little, scarce, and irregular remuneration will ensue from not having this global contract in place.  The choice is between, either peace and prosperity or war, hell on earth and death.

Between now and a hundred years form now, a large share of life on Earth, and with that of the majority of the human specie will disappear.  

The choice is to change our use of CO2 and other gases greenhouse or for life, 90% humans included die 90%.


Change 90% or death of 90%, this choice is ours, collectively.



John F. Lohac


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