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Enjoy Life! Do What You are led to do!

I'm a firm believer of laughing in life. Enjoy Your Life! Do what You are led to do !

Firm believer in the teachings of Buddha Jesus Ghandi!

I'm a firm believer in the teachings of Buddha, Jesus Ghandi non-violence as a way to manage things!    

Poverty and Pollution are Costly Capital Losses

Demanding Non-Violent Management of Natural Resources, including Human Resources. Poverty and Pollution are costly losses of Capital.  Human Development Investments are necessary to increase market demand. Life is Capital. What we call capital really is equity. Human Development Investments are necessary investments creating market growth and fostering demand. Present example: The U.S. Real Estate Subprime crisis is directly consequent to poverty increase in the USA, itself directly consequent to excessive Public Funds spending in military and violent management solutions to solve...

How to contain economy of war within economy of peace?

Asks the fondamental question of how 95% of invested capital is going to contain the smaller portion of capital which needs war and violence for its business.